How do I deposit funds into my account?

TradeUP offers a variety of ways to fund your account, specifically through electronic bank deposit (ACH) or Wire Transfer.

ACH is the electronic funds transfer method that allows you to first link your bank account with your TradeUP account, then initiate the deposit/withdrawal request directly in your TradeUP App. Currently, TradeUP can only support linking U.S. domestic bank accounts.

To submit an ACH deposit, please go to Profile > TradeUP Account > Deposit > choose ACH Deposit


To Wire funds into your TradeUP account, please see the incoming wire instructions in Profile > TradeUP Account > Deposit > choose Bank Transfer.

Important note: Wire transfers need to be initiated from your bank. When you fill out the wire deposit information, please indicate your account number and your name so we can post the funds to your account at the earliest convenience. Incoming wires without the account number or name may be returned.


Still got questions? Contact TradeUP Customer Support by email at or reach out to us on Live Chat!