How long does it take for my funds to be available to trade if I fund the account via ACH?

Funds transferred through ACH typically take about 2-4 business days to clear in full. However, your funds may be partially available for trading. In order to help you catch those investment opportunities quickly, at TradeUP, we offer instant funding so you can access a portion of your deposit early. Please see the instant deposit schedule: 

Total Account Balance Prior to Your ACH Deposit  Instant Available Amount 
 < 2000 USD  1000 USD
 2000 - 5000 USD  2000 USD
 5000 - 10000 USD  5000 USD
 > 10000 USD  10000 USD 


Because ACH deposits can take several days and potentially be delayed, please make sure you have sufficient balance in your bank account to cover your deposit amounts.

Please note: Instant funding cannot be used to trade options or subscribe to IPOs.