Why does it say my name on the bank does not match my account title?

In order for Plaid to verify your bank information, the name on your bank account has to match exactly with the name on your TradeUP account. For example, if your name on your bank account is Ana-Victoria Smith, and your name at TradeUP is Ana Victoria Smith, then Plaid will not be able to verify your bank information due to the mismatch.

You may request to update your name at TradeUP by submitting a copy of your valid photo ID to: support@tradeup.com

Please note: We can only change your name to match the exact information you have on your ID. 

If your bank account name matches exactly with your TradeUP account, the error may be due to multiple account holders. If your bank account is a joint account, it will be rejected for name mismatch even if your name is on the account.