How do I close my TradeUP Securities account?

We're very sorry to hear that you're leaving. Before we can process your account closure request, here are a few tips we would like to share with you:

Prior to submitting your account closure request:

Please make sure you have either withdrawn or transferred all funds from your account. 
Please do not make any more deposits to your account.

Once the request has been submitted successfully, your account will be processed to close within 7 business days. 

Account Statements: 

You will still be able to retrieve your account statements, trade confirmations, and tax documents through your app or by requesting them from our customer service team after your account is closed. 

Recordkeeping Requirements: 

Per regulatory requirements, we will preserve certain records after the account is closed. All your account information and data will be securely guarded with us solely to fulfill this requirement. 

You are always welcome to come back! 

Please contact our customer service if you would like to reactivate your account in the future! We wish you the best in your investment journey and look forward to serving you as our valued customer again! 


Click here to close your account. 


Still got questions? Contact TradeUP Customer Support by email at or reach out to us on Live Chat!