What will happen to my contract on the expiration day?

If the option contract is In-the-Money, we will examine your account and see if your account assets meet the contract obligation for either exercise or assignment. If so, the contract will be exercised or assigned after market closes. If not, we will force liquidate your positions for risk mitigation purposes.

If the option contract is Out-of-the-Money, the contract will expire worthless.

Please note: if you are selling a contract, you are always at the risk of being assigned. For risk control purposes, if you do not have sufficient assets to cover your upcoming exercise or assignment obligation, your option position might be force closed prior to market close on the expiration date.

If you are an option owner/buyer and holding an In-the-Money position on the expiration date, and decide not to exercise your option, please make sure to email: support@tradeup.com to notify us no later than 5:00 P.M. EST of the expiration date.



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